Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Little Man Bow Ties

Chose from All these colors or have a custom  Bow Tie made just for you!  Only $ 4.00

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tempting Summer fashions

Melted light pink Rose $3.50
 Pink Pinwheel bows 2 for $ 3.00
Sweet Peat bows 2 for $3.00
Pink and black ribbon spay 2 for $3.50
Black and Pink pinwheel 2 for $3.00
Black and White spray ribbon bows 2 for $3.50
Citrus Pinwheel Bow 2 for $3.50

Coral and Pink Bows 2 for  $3.00

Coral and Pink Spray ribbon bow 2 for $3.50
Pink  Leapord spray ribbon bow 2 for $3.50
Pink cupcake pinwheel bows 2 for $3.00
Summer lemonaid bows 2 for $3.50

Happy Birthday Pinwheel Bows 2 for $3.00
Baja Blue melted rose $3.50
Blues and white spary ribbon bow 2 for $3.50
Black and blue pinwheel bow 2 for $3.50
Coral Rose $3.50
Black and Pink  Baby Headband $6.00
Crean and Pink Victorian Baby Headband $7.00
Hot pink felt flower newgborn  Headband $3.50
Pinked Trio Head Band $5.00
Hot and Light pink felt rose head band $5.00
Five pink  rosettes newborn head band $4.00
Hot pink Daisy head band $6.00

Canadian summer Headband $5.00

Duet coral melted r
Summer coral $6.00
Summer Trion head band
Lovely Lavender Head Band $6.00
Pink double pirouette head band $6.00
Black daisy Head band $6.00
Pink daisy head band $6.00
Trio of pink elstic baby head band
neatly natural head band $5.50
White Duet Head band $5.00
Classic Black and White with Dots Head band $6.00
White and pink with dots head band $6.00

Four Purple Roses Head band $6.00
Baja Blue double daisy Head band. $6.50

Summer Preview

Party time Baby head band $7.00
Hot pink and black grouped roses $6.00
Trio Black roses Head band $6.00

Vintage girl  baby head band $7.00

Princess Part Clip $6.00
Victorian pinks and cream Baby head band $6.00

white rose duo with Baja Blue band Baby head band $6.00

new born light pink trio with bling $3.00

hot pink felt rode with feather Newborn Head band $3.00
Tempting turquoise baby head band $6.00
Perfectly Pink baby head band $5.00
Tiffany blue and cream  resin rose head band $5.00
Posh and pink crochet  babyhead band with antique button $7.00
Never too much pink with vintage button $7.00